The career-defining fight!

Well what a chance David Price has, to completely transform his career in what he labels would be a “career-changing win” against Alexander Povetkin. There is no doubt the odds are against him but there is no doubt we will all be behind him getting the win that would of course transform his career.

There has always been potential with the Liverpudlian and one cannot question he is blessed with a sickening right-hand, which Anthony Joshua even admitted, dropped him in sparring.

Unfortunately for Price, a series of disappointing losses have damaged his reputation and led people to question how far he can really go but a stunning upset win for Price would fire him into the pipeline to potentially be mandatory to the winner of Joshua-Parker.

It seems so long ago now, back in 2013 an unbeaten David Price, who was talked to be three or four fights away from fighting one of the Klitschko brothers.

When he signed to fight Tony Thompson, who’s last outing was against Wladimir, it was probably an unnecessary risk, but Price was in total control of the fight until one mistake and he was out cold silencing his fan base.

After losing the rematch also, mentally it was all over for Price, we just did not know how he could come back.

Pricey however is a fighting man and he did well to make a comeback and put a few wins together but it was not the same Price.

He was again knocked out clean by Erken Teper, later ruled a no contest due to the drug use of the German.

Thompson is another that was banned like Teper, but Price again gets nothing from it other than a loss of confidence and his unbeaten record taken away.

One other thing I will give Price in this fight is the sheer size difference between the two men; standing at 6 ft. 8 he towers over Povetkin (6ft. 2).

Povetkin’s only loss is to Wladimir Klitschko but went the distance and so has never been knocked out, does Price have the capability to do that? Absolutely. But it is going to have to be one very smart game plan.

Povetkin is no doubt a top contender but unfortunately another drug cheat that is allowed to continue and it all feels too familiar for me.

The Russian is fighting a desperate man in Price which for me makes Price all the more dangerous and for a heavyweight with power like his, he has always got a chance, and you know what they say: there is nothing more dangerous than a man with everything to lose.

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