Mayweather v McGregor! The fans predictions….

Ahead of the huge showdown this weekend between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor we asked the fans who they think will win and why..!

Chris Cauchie – Lots of big questions which will be answered on August 26th! Will Floyd cope against the most unorthodox fighter he has faced? Will Conor be able to find a way past the best defensive boxer of all time? This fight goes 1 of 2 ways… Conor wins by knockout or Floyd dances his way to a points victory. My heart says Conor but my head says Floyd! Regardless of the outcome, it’s the exhibition fight of a generation!

David Gillison –  So here it goes, at the start when this match was announced I was going to say Mayweather because 49-0 with 26 KO wins. Now it’s getting closer to the fight night my heart has changed and personally I think McGregor will win, this is because he has the power and he is quick on his feet, he will be able to dodge quicker when Mayweather tires and will be able to connect, I think personally thats what McGregor is good at, also when McGregor has his chances in this fight he can give a killer blow and win the fight!

Jack Towers – It was not so long ago that we were debating whether Floyd Mayweather against Conor McGregor would ever happen. Now, we are just days away and the excitement is vastly building. Despite most of the boxing world thinking this fight is a full gone conclusion there is still that incredible bit of curiosity that dwells over this spectacle which is what is making this such a big event. There is no doubt that McGregor has trained incredibly hard for this fight but he just is not a professional boxer and he is up against the best pound for pound boxer of his generation in Mayweather. The only advantage I give McGregor is unpredictability.

In reality, we just do not know what Conor is going to do in this fight, he might be patient and sit back or just go in all guns blazing and get blown out straight away. In terms of Floyd, it is one of two things, the Money Mayweather we are more used to sitting back and fighting defensively, or the earlier days where he knocked people out. So now the teasing of this event is over, Mayweather who retired in 2015 with an unbeaten record of 49-0 and UFC superstar Conor McGregor will finally clash in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Chris Smith – On Saturday Aug 26th we all get to witness history as a legendary boxer takes on one of the best MMA fighters we have today. Here’s how I see this going, expect McGregor to be very aggressive early in the fight, from the opening bell going right after Floyd. I feel within the first 3-4 rounds will be his best opportunity to win the fight. McGregor’s a southpaw, so he’ll be looking to score a big left hand early and often. But, his shots are very wide which is going to enable Floyd to counter anything Conor throws.

Floyd is a bit older, but he’ll still be very sharp, similar to how he looked when he returned to fight Marquez, very slick, nice head movement and using the Philly Shell to block and deflect the wide shots of McGregor. The switch from 10oz gloves to now 8oz gloves won’t make much of a difference, expect this fight to be very similar to the Arturo Gatti performance from Floyd, and expect him to stop Conor in the middle rounds, I would say somewhere between 6-8.

If Floyd doesn’t stop him, that’s a win for Conor, and if Conor is going to have any success it’ll be early while Floyd has to adjust to Conor’s awkward style. I don’t see that happening as Floyd will get the victory in this one.

Luke Sims – Saturday night sees arguably the biggest fight in combat sports history take place as UFC superstar, Conor McGregor makes the transition over to boxing as he takes on possibly the best to ever do it in the ring, Floyd Mayweather.

Most people aren’t giving The Notorious One a chance against the undefeated, five division world champion but I am. You can never rule out Conor McGregor. He has proven time and time again that he can back up everything he says when he goes out there. There are so many advantages on the Irishman’s side going into this fight, and I feel the most significant is the sheer size difference of the two men. Albeit there is only an inch difference in height and two inches in reach, when the two men met face to face for the first time on their press tour in LA, the difference was apparent.

The bout will be contested at 154lbs which I believe definitely favours McGregor, and I think that is probably his best weight. He is the current 155lb champion in the UFC. On top of that, it is expected that The Notorious will be coming in at around 170lbs come fight night. Mayweather has never fought anyone with such a weight advantage on him. The reason I think this is such an advantage for the UFC fighter is because Mayweather hasn’t had a clean knockout in almost 10 years and that is against men his own size.

I can’t see ‘Money’ knocking out a bigger man who is used to taking shots with 4 oz gloves as well as knees, kicks and elbows. This in turn gives McGregor 36 minutes to knockout Mayweather in my opinion, and I believe he will. Conor McGregor is a knockout artist, 18 of his 21 victories inside the octagon have come by way of. He’s also very precise with his punching and has impeccable timing. It will be very interesting to see if he can land on the boxer who ‘doesn’t get hit’. If he does, that may be all it takes.

I think the change of the glove size from 10 oz to 8 oz was a mistake by the Mayweather camp. It obviously means he’s going to feel the punches even more and also means he has even less of shield to defend as he likes to do. Another factor which could play a part is the age difference and their activity. Conor McGregor has just turned 29, Mayweather is 40.

McGregor is one of the most active fighters on the UFC roster, Mayweather hasn’t fought in two years. I feel rustiness could play a part here, it’s clear that Mayweather’s best days are behind him and the fact that he doesn’t even fight regularly could show. All this being said, I do realise Mayweather is a heavy favourite for a reason and McGregor would need a perfect night to defeat the undefeated. I truly believe it could happen and my prediction is that Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather in Round 4.


Let us know your big fight prediction in the comments below…

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