Carl Frampton’s next trainer?

Carl Frampton has seemingly split from trainer Shane McGuigan after the Jackals coach removed him as one the fighters he trained on his twitter bio.

Frampton confirmed the split between Cyclone promotions yesterday but many fans were still hoping that McGuigan was still going to be his coach. Shane the son of Barry has had many successes in training the Tigers Bay fighter defeating the likes of
Scott Quigg and Leo Santa Cruz in the process.

In the Jackals statement he said” this is the right time to move forward” so we now know that he means in every part of his career.

Adam-Booth-621237Early rumours suggest that Adam Booth who trains another Belfast born fighter Ryan Burnett is the favourite to become Frampton’s new coach. With Burnett fighting Zhakiyanov in October it will be interesting to see if a statement about Booth becoming the Jackals new trainer by then or indeed if he is attendance at the fight on the night.

McGuigan will continue to train George Groves, Conrad Cummings, Josh Taylor, Josh Pritchard and Chantelle Cameron.

By Joshua Bunting


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