Mayweather-McGregor World Tour

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and ‘The Notorious’ Connor McGregor have completed their 4 city press tour in London this evening  to promote the super fight happening on August 26, at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. 

Starting the week in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, home to NBA basketball teams LA Lakers and LA Clippers, McGregor appeared on stage before anybody else soaking up the atmosphere, and waiting for Mayweather to arrive. The man known as the best pound for pound fighter on the planet, arrived along with his entourage before immediately having a face off with the UFC’s biggest attraction.Mayweather v McGregor Staples Center

Both fighters then went on to be introduced by members of their teams, with Leonard Ellerbe introducing Floyd Mayweather and Dana White introducing McGregor. With McGregor seen as the B-side fighter in the contest he was first to take to the microphone, goading Mayweather by saying he will knock him out within 4 rounds, and mocking Mayweather for wearing a tracksuit, insisting he can no longer afford a suit.

Mayweather then took the stage and started off by chanting “Hardwork’ to the fans, before asking them to point to the “Easywork” to which some of the fans in attendance pointed towards McGregor. The boxing superstar then pulled out a 100m cheque from his bag, to which McGregor shouted “thats for the taxman”. After both fighters had taken to the microphone and addressed the crowd, Mayweather called for the face off where both men exchanged further verbals before been separated by UFC General Manager Dana White.

Round 2 – Toronto, Canada

Probably the liveliest night on the press tour, as Mayweather and McGregor faced off in front of 17,000 fans at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto. The pro McGregor crowd cheered their man onto the stage, before Mayweather entered to a chorus of boos.

With many thinking Mayweather won the war of the verbals on the first evenings city stop, could McGregor level things up in Canada?

After being introduced by Dana White, McGregor took to the hand held mic he was given and shouted down it does this mic work? Well f**k that mic, before slapping the other mic off the podium, before asking the crowd on the count of three to shout F**k the Mayweathers, to which the majority in attendance obliged, before turning on Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza, who McGregor says had his mic cut off in LA.

It was then Mayweather’s turn to address the crowd, to which he opened up his backpack to reveal a sum of money, before saying to McGregor ‘if you believe in yourself, like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight cheque, you b***h!

Following a further exchange of verbals, Mayweather then got an Irish flag from the crowd, to which the crowd booed, and McGregor walked over to Mayweather’s unattended bag and picked it up and said to Mayweather “you do something with that flag, I’ll f*** you up!Mayweather Irish Flag

(Image: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

Connor definitely won round 2 of the verbals in Toronto, and with two nights still left on the tour, it remained to be seen what each man had up their sleeve to try and get under the others skin.

Round 3 – New York City, USA

With both fighters due on stage around 6.30 ET, the Barclays center was packed out well before then, but both of the superstars were no where to be seen, and it wasn’t until around 8.30ET that both men took to the stage for the third night of the world tour.

Connor McGregor, who had bragged about his attire the previous two nights, turned up in a pair of trousers and a robe that he claimed was polar bear fur, with Mayweather taking to the stage with an Irish flag wrapped around him.

The evening was a low key affair compared to the previous evenings, with Mayweather sitting back and not retaliating to McGregor’s trash talking, instead taking selfies, but it did liven up slightly when Mayweather referred to McGregor as a “Stripper” and threw dollar bills over him.Mayweather Dollar bills

The final leg of the world tour takes place in London, England at the SSE Arena, and with it been the last time these two superstars meet until fight week will it a war of words or another low key affair?

Round 4 – London, England

Another packed out arena, saw Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor for the final time on the world press tour. The crowd again were on the side of the UFC superstar, but take nothing away from Mayweather he gave as good as he got.

At times Mayweather was told to ‘sit down, shut up’ by the crowd, with McGregor again saying he will beat boxings pound for pound king inside 4 rounds when they meet in Las Vegas.

Mayweather again taunted McGregor, by calling him Mr Tap Out, and asked somebody to get Nate Diaz on the phone, the man made McGregor quit inside the Octagon in March of 2016, before the pair rematched and McGregor won via a points decision.

With this the last time the pair faced off before the super fight in August, it is fair to say both have played their part in what has been a spectacular sequence of events put together by both parties, and with 6 weeks to go until fight night it has certainly got everybody talking about the event.

Mayweather McGregor London H2H

(Image: Getty Images Europe)

With the press tour now over who has the upper hand? Which city got the best press conference? Who wins the super fight? Leave your comments below…

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